Thursday, April 13, 2017

We All Have Jobs To Do!


Things are good in these neck-'o'-the-woods. This wet winter has treated us well, even if it's been at a crazy pace. Besides the routines of Pre-K, swimming lessons, gymnastics, ballet class, having Nana & Papa with us on Thursday/Friday, T-ball games and practices, church, Friday date nights, and (oh yeah) plenty of work, we've had a number of highlights in the last couple months:

E went skiing for the first time while we were visiting family friends, Joan & Dave, up in the Sierra foothills (such a fun trip, both on the slopes and off). We took the short & snowy drive from their place up to Kirkwood. And I mean SNOWY....there were parts that felt more like a snow tunnel than anything else -- as you might've heard, some resorts in the Sierras got 700+ inches over the course of this season. There was a storm brewing and there were flurries all day, but he did great -- until the last hour of being out in the elements all day. Lisa took some classic video of him (from afar) that shows him on the magic carpet. Come to find out that he was bawling the entire recording (too far away to tell). Later, he said that he had a great time skiing, "just had to get used to the last part."

Speaking of skiing: Uncle Tim and I took a ski trip to Snowbird & Alta. It was awesome snow, empty, and (after using Southwest frequent flyer points) cheaper & easier than Tahoe. I'm not sure I've skied that hard in a decade. The strangest part: finishing at the slopes at 4pm, walking to our hotel room 100 yards, and then having my only obligations being (1) hot tub, (2) shower, (3) eat, (4) sleep (5) get ready in time to make the slopes by 9am the following morning. The second day, after binge watching some show, I turned to tell Tim, "is this what life is like for single people with no kids & disposable income?" It's wild...and a little boring. A nice state to visit, but I was so happy to get back to the chaos of life.

As I said in her birthday post, J is now officially a "three-nager" and is more sweet, determined, and cruise-directory everyday. Case in point, the other morning, E was having trouble getting motivated for school (hey, it was a Monday). Lisa walked in on J talking to him, counting on her fingers, "We all have a job to do. Mommy and Daddy have to go to work, you have to go to school, I have to go to gymnastics..." -- Yes, we know we're in trouble. Yes, I know this is the female, toddler version of me.

She does everything E does. Now, that's nothing new for people who have multiple kids, though we haven't been been able to use it to our full advantage yet. Example: "What will you have for dessert, J?" "I will have what E is has." "He's having strawberries." <refresher: she refuses to eat any whole, raw fruit> "I will have choc-Oh-lot."

E is becoming quite the little man.  He washes himself in the bath, he gets his own clothes on, shoes, the works. I love how sensitive he's becoming to those around him. He's aware of and responds to how others feel and shows how emotionally in-tune he can be. Most nights, I end up putting him to bed (J pretty much demands that "Mommy lay by me,") and I wouldn't trade our chats for Trump's entire fortune. We ask each other what a highlight of the day was and the other night he said, "Lying by you, Daddy." Heart. Melting. Again.

T-ball is in full swing and it's just as fun as last year. He's on the BULLS this year (no, it's not as good of a name as last year's Lugnuts). The roster is made up entirely of his classmates which is really fun for us and for him. A few of them are in the same Sunday school as well, so with the Saturday game schedule, they see each other every day of the week!

E has bloomed so much at school this year. The teachers recently told us about how when he first started he was so quite and polite, though he barely interacted with the other kids. I remember the tears at drop off. Now, he runs into the class as the kids shout greetings to him. They also told us how great he does at sharing, which is good to hear since we spend a lot of time deciding what to share. Evidently, he always comes with a very accurate and detailed story and everyone wants him to pick them when it's time for questions.

We're very, very lucky in that the kids truly are best friends. They spend hours and hours playing together everyday. Like any BFF, there are squabbles, but for the most part they look after each other. Though the other day we let them take a shower and they washed each other's hair and used over 24oz of shampoo.

Just because we were *bored*, Lisa and I signed up for a half-marathon in May, so we're both training for that as well. She's thinking of doing the San Francisco full marathon in July -- which I think I'm ok with loudly spectating vs. participating :)

So as you can see, we're all doing our jobs as best we can!

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